Hi guys!

In this post I want to give you some recommendations in case you are going to visit Milan and want to visit its surroundings.

Regarding Milan and I will make a post of recommendations of what to see and to do a little shopping that I know you will like.

I will try to be as short as possible and this will be in Spanish and I will do another in English because although it will be short, it will be long.

We are going to start with the first and I think it is better known thanks to acts like George Clooney and many bloggers who have visited this year and I am talking about LAGO DI COMO.

To see it is worth visiting, it is a coastal town since there are many towns that surround the lake. You can take a boat that takes you around for all of us we could not take it because we did not have much time since we wanted to enjoy the main one.


We continue with BÉRGAMO, I really fell in love a lot. I really wanted to visit this city and it was that I had received nice things from him and they were all true.

This city is divided into two parts the upper city and the lower city, the information girl and blogs that we had read advised that the best of the two was the upper city.

Wonderful! craft shops, beautiful streets, beautiful buildings, etc …



The last one for today that I am going to do it in two parts, apart from the two most interesting ones, that is BRESCIA.

It fulfilled my expectations since I had read about it and they painted it very well and I did not know if it would be true, and yes!

There are a lot of interesting things to see so 100% recommended.


For any questions, write me.

Oh and the good thing about these three places is that they come out quite on the internet but they are not for a crowd of people so great!


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