Hi guys!

I had this post that I wanted to do about a year ago or so, because I did make one but I wanted to update it since I added some and some I deleted them.

For me there are travel applications that are super essential and to make clear what they are I will put next to the name with stars.


1.- RYANAIR *: I have not used it for a long time because I try to avoid traveling with this company but before I just wanted to travel with them, and I searched directly for flights from the application.

2.- SKYSCANNER *****: If maximum score is that for me it is the best application to search flights with all companies and make combinations of schedules.

3.- AENA ***: It is really useful to find all kinds of information about flights departing from Spain or when you return to Spain. And also information about delays that lately …

4.- TRAVEL PIRATES **: This one I do not use it but it is worth taking a look at the offers that are made up of packs.

5.- MOMONDO ****: It is very similar to Skyscanner although sometimes some flights go a little cheaper.

6.- BOOKING *****: What would I do without this application? nothing! I always find the accommodation I want and I have never had any problems. And something that I also value is the payment option that you have.

7.- CURRENCY ****: I do not put five stars but almost because it is super useful, although only what was used in two trips has gone super well.

8.- ROME2RIO ***: I do not use it much, although sometimes it has helped me a lot to know how to get anywhere in any means of transport.

9.- AXM *****: THE best youtuber and travel blogger of the moment. I am super hooked on your videos, instagram and quite to your blog. In the blog as in the videos gives you a lot of advice on the site and what to do.


10.- FLIGHTRADAR24 ****: It is fundamental that it is not, but if you want to control some plane trip of a family member to know if they have arrived with this application you can follow the flight.

11.- CIVATATIS ****: Perfect application to hire tours, but not all cities are warning! but it is interesting for you if you go to main cities.

12.- GOOGLE TRIPS ****: Plan and organize trips. You can design itineraries automatically. You have activities to do and information about the place.

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