Hi guys!
I update this post because the one I did a while ago was short since I did not carry much but I was left with that thing that was not right so now it’s good!
I am a very tidy bag I do not like to be always looking for things, so in each picture there will be some numbers that will be what it is.

1.- I start with the basics as it is my purse that I currently wear this from GUESS, it is one of the big ones although from here a few days I am going to put a smaller one for trips.
2 .- You can not miss a small notebook if I have ideas or point to who I have been, whatever it is. The notebook is from LEGAMI MILANO.
3.- My little case that when I saw it in the store I fell in love, I bought it in Paris and it is perfect because it fits any bag. it’s from PETIT PAN.
4.- This corrector was brought to me by my friend from Japan and it seemed to me the most beautiful since I like HELLO KITTY so much.
5.- Ever since I was little in my box, you can not miss a few colored pens. These are from MUJI and they go great!
6.- I consider it a practical pen since in a single pen I have the color blue and red. and it’s also from LEGAMI MILANO.
7 .- Without any mystery is a small rule because making lines to small I am bad. And you can find it in TIGER.
8.- First toilet and it is from JO & MR.JOE, although this is provisional but at the moment it is going very well.
9.- a first aid thing like bandages and for me they are essential because I am the queen of cutting me. These are from HANSAPLAST and for my opinion they are the best.
10.- Ai! I think a long time ago but I will tell you again and that is that for a while now I have a tendon problem in my right hand and from time to time I take it for hurting myself and I also have to control that of carrying weight. And this is my wristband, it’s simple but I have to have another orthopedic one.
11.- You can not miss a lip balm, although if I tell you I have one to each bag, because I always lose them. The one I carry with the medicines is from NEUTROGENA.
12 .- This if it can not fail for anything in the world in my bag whether I carry a large or small and that is the cream of hands. This was recommended to me in the pharmacy because I got something close to the nail and it was great for me. It’s from NUXE.
13.- This also does not have any mystery and they are wipes make-up remover of NIVEA.
14.- A medicine with ibuprofen for my back or hand pain.
15.- And another medicine is paracetamol for my headaches.


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